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Sovereign Pekingese Association (Founded 2018)


On January 1st 2018 the Sovereign Pekingese Association was founded. The Pekingese Club and the Yorkshire & Eastern Counties Pekingese Club amalgamated to form the new club. For some it was a time of sadness at the loss of two great clubs, for others it was a promise of exciting times ahead.

The merger welcomed all members from both clubs and we will welcome all new members in the future.


The objects of the club are:

1. To promote the responsible ownership and breeding of sound, typical, and healthy dogs of good temperament.
2. To hold and support the holding of dog shows under Kennel Club Rules and regulations.


The Officials and committee of Sovereign Pekingese Association hope you enjoy your stay and the contents of this web site.

Sovereign Pekingese Association